It’s strong. Realme introduced new smartphones with flagship features. Why are they worth a closer look?


The company realme, whose gadgets are becoming increasingly popular in Russia, presented new smartphones 10 Pro and 10 Pro+ – devices in which a set of flagship features is combined with a reasonable price. A distinctive feature of the model 10 Pro+ was a curved AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 hertz, which has never before been installed on smartphones in this price segment. This is not the only gadget feature worthy of attention: the sleek, ultra-light body houses a performance chipset, a 108-megapixel camera and dynamic RAM running the latest user interface.
A screen of unlimited possibilities
The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the realme 10 Pro+ smartphone is, of course, the curved 6.7″ AMOLED display, which seems to hug or smoothly streamline the device. Previously, screens of this shape were installed only on premium models of gadgets, as they are more expensive to produce than their flat counterparts. Moreover, this beauty (and this display no doubt looks spectacular) requires a complex technological problem – the optimum angle of curvature, in which the image will be distorted as little as possible.

Specialists realme took 16 months of research, 26 iterations of prototypes, and about one billion rubles for the experimental and design work to find the necessary ideal. The resulting 61-degree angle of curvature prevents accidental pressing and does not distort the content being played at the edges. And it’s not just about visual appeal: the usable area of the 120 Hz screen with a lower frame width of 2.33 millimeters is 93.65 percent, and during multimedia playback the borders of the display become invisible at all. The screen is responsive – soft and natural interaction is provided by the Quantum Animation Engine, you can control the device either with gestures or the standard buttons at the bottom of the screen. The fingerprint scanner is also located on the display.

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