Finland has spoken out against joining NATO


Finnish MPs want to reject the ratification of the application for NATO membership

Finnish MPs Ano Turtiainen, Johannes Jurttiaho and Markus Mustajärvi spoke out against the ratification of the country’s bid to join NATO together with Sweden. About the fact that the deputies did not want to see the country among the members of the association

A vote on the issue is scheduled for March 1.

The agency specifies that the parliamentarians who protested against the ratification had previously voted against the application for accession to the North Atlantic Alliance on May 17, 2022. Moustajärvi made a whole series of protests – he also spoke out against the deployment of nuclear weapons (NWS) and permanent bases of the alliance, as well as the use of Finnish territory for hostile purposes.

Commenting on his views, the deputy said that Helsinki must insist that no nuclear weapons should be deployed in Finland and that its land, sea or air space should not be used for transportation or transit of this type of weapon because the country risks automatically being in the forefront of nuclear attack in case of a “big war”.

Earlier Turkey named the date of the meeting with Sweden and Finland on NATO membership.

In July 2022, NATO member states signed accession protocols for Sweden and Finland. These states will become part of the alliance after all NATO member states ratify the accession protocols. To date, Sweden and Finland’s membership in the alliance has not been ratified by Hungary and Turkey.

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